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Alaina Nicole Blog

Alaina Nicole blogs is a personal blog dedicated towards sharing my life experiences dealing with Lyme Disease, while incorporating my passions of style and health. Here you will find a Lyme Light in a shadowed disease, where we all can share personal inspiration and etab pic blogncouragement as we collaborate and inspire each other in our own unique styles.

About Me

I have found a full heart through blogging to inspire individuals who struggle on a daily basis with pain and discouragement in relation to a disease. I am in this journey with you as I have chronic Lyme Disease and three co-infections. This disease presents itself differently to each person it infects, the problem is it is so hard to diagnose. Unfortunately, as most people never know they were bitten, symptoms can go undiagnosed for a long time. Indeed, this was my case.  For years I’ve had symptoms that never added up to a definitive diagnosis. I’ve struggled with indescribable pain to the point of wondering how I’d ever be able to be normal again, which led to doctors questioning my mental status simply because the medical dots where not connecting.  However, one phrase I kept close to my heart; rehearsing it in my head multiple times during the day and through sleepless nights,

“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Through the grace of God, my fiancé and family; a suggestion of sending my blood results to the Igenex lab in California for further testing was an expensive but, a life changing decision.  Finally, on January 27, 2017,  I got diagnosed with Lyme and three co-infections.

As I began facing life as a young adult in a new way it began to instill within me a desire to connect and inspire those who face similar circumstances. Being a college student, and soon to be newly wed, blogging is a way I feel I can make a difference by helping you find hope within a difficult circumstance, while chasing some passions of mine too. My goal is to be transparent and honest by showing firsthand experiences with you. Also, by sharing with you some passions of mine so that we can connect with each other though lifestyle, style and health.  Most importantly, I want to encourage you to shine your Lyme light in life and through your relationships. Don’t hide your sparkle because, there is so much that we can share and learn from each other.  I am ecstatic about beginning this journey and connecting with you. Life is to short to let a disease rule YOU.  Lets own this together, and use it to help one another and inspire others!



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