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10 Mascara Hacks you Have to Try

  • alainanicole
  • Beauty
  • Apr 10, 2017

We can all agree that having your lashes on point is key to every makeup look. But, false lashes are a pain and lash extensions are very expensive. So, here are some mascara hacks that you can realistically execute in your day to day routine!


Tip #1 – Find the best mascara formula for you

Everyone’s lashes are different, as your friend may go for the volumizing The Maybelline Volum Express when your game may be the lengthening Benefits There Real!

Tip #2 Use a Lash Curler

You can layer as much mascara as you wish, but it won’t have the same desired effect as it could have with a good lash curler.  If you don’t have a lash curler on hand…try a spoon. Weird I know! But, if you hold the spoon behind your lashes and press them while working your way up the lashes, it works 😉



Tip #3 Wiggle the Wand

Next time you apply your favorite formula, try wiggling the wand at the base of the lashes and work your way up! You’ll be surprised by how much better it coats the lashes. Also, add it to the front and back of your lashes. It gives a little extra oomph!


Tip #4 Don’t forget to tightline your eyes.

This makes your lashes appear fuller and darker. I like to only tight line my top lashes as it opens the eyes.


Tip #5 Prime your eyelashes

This can go a long way as it keeps your mascara lasting throughout the entire day. Some formulas even have added benefits such as moisture and lengthening effects.


Tip #6 Combine formulas

Do you have a few favorite formulas? Why not combine them! Try layering your favorite voluming and lengthening formula.


Tip #7 Baby Powder

It’s simple and most people have it just laying around the house. All you have to do is dust some on your lashes in between coats of mascara and you’ll have major volume.


Tip #8 Bend the mascara wand

Bending your mascara wand at the base can actually give you more control over the application, which can lead to more volume! Lancôme has a great bent mascara!



Tip #9 Castor Oil

Don’t want to buy expensive lengthening serum? Try natural castor oil. It is a popular lash treatment as it promotes growth while it conditions the lashes.


Tip #10 Add some sparkle!

Lastly, adding some cosmetic glitter to your mascara can add a little extra sparkle to the eyes.



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