Lemon Water for Lyme Disease

March 27, 2017 Comments Off on Lemon Water for Lyme Disease

Lemon water has so many health benefits, and can especially be helpful for a Lyme patient! The reason being that it can help detox the Lyme toxin as a person goes through the Herxheimer reaction, which is the bacteria trying to die off inside the body. Now, there are many options of lemon water in grocery stores. However, real squeezed lemon water is better than the bottle lemon water. Simply, because the bottled lemon can contain chemical additives, preservatives, and may be pasteurized with heat. Fresh squeezed lemon water can expedite the process by helping to flush the toxins out of the body. Especially, by the way that it cleanses the liver. For a Lyme patient that is currently undergoing antibiotics, it can be quite taxing on the liver.

My favorite way to have lemon water is in the morning. I just add warm water to the fresh-cut lemons in a mug. If you want some sweetness to this drink like I do, just add a small packet of stevia for sweetness. Try to avoid real white sugar as that is something that Lyme bacteria thrive from. This drink tastes delicious and is an excellent way to stay hydrated right away in the morning! Lemon water will help the digestive tract as it detoxifies. Also, since lemons have a great source of vitamin C, it helps to give your immune system a boost as well. Fun fact; Did you know that studies have shown that those who consume healthy amounts of vitamin C have healthier, smoother looking skin and it helps to slow down the wrinkling process 😉

Lemon water with stevia



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