Wedding Invitation Checklist

April 22, 2017 Comments Off on Wedding Invitation Checklist

Need the 411 on wedding invitations? I have created a complete wedding invitation checklist for you that you can incorporate into your invitation planning!

First off, your wedding invitation is a sneak peak into your special day so make sure it counts. The amount of cards you can customize and create are endless. Therefore, I urge you to keep these tips in mind while picking that special card. Try to stay consistent, with color and your theme throughout all the cards you order during the duration of your wedding.

Save the Date

Our Save The Date

Back of Save The Date

Save the dates are cards should be sent about 6 months before the wedding! This officially announces your special day, and informs your guests on when the day will be. Who do you send the cards to? Send them to the people who you want to come to your wedding. You do not need to know all the specific yet but you should include the couple names, wedding date, location, and inform them that a formal invitation will be coming.


My Wedding Invitation

Back of Invitation

The invitation will reflect the tone of your wedding by the way it looks. You want to order your cards three to four weeks before the wedding date. Then that will allow for delivery, time for you to proof, and address them. If your going to get a calligrapher who addresses them for you make sure to allot an extra two weeks for that. I highly recommend for creating your invitations, they have so many themes to choose from and is always super easy to maneuver.

Reply Cards

Reply cards are sent with your invitations with a self-addressed stamped envelope! The traditional option is to ask each of your guests to check a box if they will be attending, or not. Make sure to have a date on the return card, so they know when to have them back to you! If you want to spice up your reply card, some brides opt to include their menu options where guests can select what meal they would like. When should you order these? You should order them with your invitations!

Reception Card

This is going to inform your guests, on where the party is!! It should provide the date, place, and time. Often times wedding card themes will allow you to add the reception information to the card, which is more convenient.  You should order these with your invitation, if you choose to do it on a separate card.

  • Hotel Information: If you have out of town guests attending your wedding, make sure to have hotel information available to them that they can choose to use if they need.

Wedding Programs

This card will have a run down on the special day! They are often in a small booklet form and include information about the ceremony, order of events, bridal party, and titles of the songs and readings. These should be ordered four to six weeks before your wedding date. They make beautiful keepsake mementos 😉

Thank-You Cards

These cards are a special way that the bride and groom can thank there guests for there presence at the wedding. So special 🙂 These cards should be ordered when you order your invitations. They should not be sent out any later than one month from your wedding date!!